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Mopar Minivans:
Creating the first 20 years of Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth “Magic Wagons”

Minivans aren’t commonly known for being exciting, but their creation and reinvention story is fascinating enough for a book. From the early 1970s to the 1980s, managers, designers, planners, and engineers fought over how to design, build, and produce a key product; they had to argue over basic designs, details, and whether to postpone production to gain quality at a time when every dollar counted.

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In the background is the story of the Chrysler Corporation, which had fallen into a morass of complacency, reinventing itself twice in very different ways as myopic management gave way to eccentric leadership. In the foreground were different people, using new techniques, but coming to many of the same conclusions; and a core product getting relatively small changes, yet seeming dramatically different to its owners.

Chrysler has dominated minivan sales in the United States for 35 years; this book shows how they made all the right choices despite constrained budgets and uncertain times.

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